Talents on AI Hackathon to Bring Together Developers and Sponsors in Kyiv in May 2023


A three-day AI Hackathon called “Talents on AI” is set to take place in Kyiv from May 12-14, 2023. The hackathon is being organized by a community deFX that launched the @chat_openia_bot in January, which uses the OpenAI API and provides access to AI tools without registration. The bot has already processed more than 200,000 requests and has more than 600 people who have joined the Open AI Early Adopters Telegram group. Defx is proud to offer people the opportunity to use AI tools and learn more about the technology through a simple and convenient interface without complexities or additional registrations.

The hackathon aims to bring together developers, entrepreneurs, and industry experts to create a collaborative environment that promotes innovation and entrepreneurship. The event will provide a platform for collaboration between a wide audience of tech-savvy people passionate about using AI and sponsors interested in creating new ideas, products, and services.

The event is expected to attract both experienced professionals and beginners who have just begun to explore the potential of technology. The organizers believe that people who have learned about data science and machine learning only recently have a chance to prove themselves, as there has been a technological breakthrough in the last six months with several services that fundamentally change the rules of the game.

According to Stanislav Podyachev from TON AI, co-organizer of the hackathon, AI is a great tool for people to reveal their potential. He believes that the hackathon format is a unique chance to bring together developers and companies in the same time and space, providing a chance to find work for specialists of various levels. For companies, the event offers an opportunity to formulate their problem as a challenge and receive ready-made products that solve their problems for prizes. Additionally, by supporting the hackathon, a company can demonstrate its innovation and awareness of current trends.

The event also aims to promote the development of the local and global tech communities. The organizers are currently looking for co-organizers who are interested in supporting the hackathon. Sponsors will have the opportunity to communicate with talented participants who are able to show really interesting cases related to AI, as well as the opportunity to showcase the company’s commitment to innovation and support for the development of the local and global tech communities.

The hackathon is expected to cover three important aspects: making useful contacts and presenting the company’s work; headhunting as sponsors and partners can find and hire the best specialists among participants; and supporting the global mission of developing the AI sphere and supporting the global and local AI communities.The organizers believe that the hackathon has the potential to be a truly transformative event, and they are excited to see the incredible ideas and projects that will emerge from it. They encourage anyone interested in sponsorship or partnership to contact them at [email protected], saying “Let’s change the world together!”