PRNEWS.IO Helps Proptech Company Korter Expand into Local Markets Through Guest Posting and Backlink Building


Korter, an international proptech company, was looking to expand its reach into local markets around the world. However, they were faced with the challenge of finding an effective way to promote their services in each market. To overcome this challenge, Korter turned to PRNEWS.IO, a platform that offers a range of PR solutions. In this case study, we explore how PRNEWS.IO helped Korter enter local markets and achieve their PR goals. We’ll look at the strategy that was implemented, the results that were achieved, and the impact it had on Korter’s business.

About Korter

Korter is a proptech platform, a real estate marketplace that operates in nine countries:

Korter, a unit of Ukrainian company LUN, has a mission to simplify the process of choosing and buying homes online. The Korter team provides free updates on residential complexes and their developers on their website for real estate buyers. To boost marketing and promotion, Korter offers tools to increase potential buyers for developers, realtors, and homeowners, who in turn post ads on Korter platforms. Korter’s impressive statistics include a monthly audience of over 390,000, over 2,600,000 page views per month, and a presence in over nine countries with over 8,900 residential complexes. The company also offers mobile applications for Android and iOS users.

Yuriy Voron, from Korter, explains that media publications are an effective way to achieve various goals and solve company problems. In terms of SEO, media publications can help with link building, which is a critical aspect of external optimization. By obtaining high-quality backlinks from media publications, a website can potentially receive more traffic and build trust with search engines. In addition, media publications can help build brand recognition and increase the frequency of brand queries in search engines. To achieve these SEO goals, a website must also have a fast loading speed, relevant and quality content, a user-friendly interface, and both internal and external optimization.

The problem

Entering a new market always requires additional efforts to obtain media coverage and build relevant backlinks. However, establishing cooperation with local media can be a challenging task that requires time and effort. In order to overcome these challenges, Korter turned to PRNEWS.IO for assistance. Korter had experienced problems in setting up the processes of publishing their materials in the mass media, including compiling a database of sites for receiving backlinks, contacting sites individually, and negotiating conditions. PRNEWS.IO helped Korter to streamline this process, saving time and resources.

The solution

In 2022, Korter published 106 guest posts for, with 80% of them being facilitated through PRNEWS.IO.

PRNEWS.IO asked Korter if the service met their expectations in terms of quality, convenience, and timeliness. Yurii Voron replied positively, stating that everything went smoothly. He particularly appreciated the clear communication with the websites without requiring personal interaction, as he was able to select the websites, pay, and submit articles in a straightforward process. Furthermore, he praised the quick response from PRNEWS.IO’s support team in resolving any issues that arose. Voron also appreciated the platform’s extensive database of websites from various countries, including those with less-developed digital media markets, and the opportunity to save money by not having to hire a link builder.

The result:

Thanks to the partnership with PRNEWS.IO, the website saw a 40% increase in the number of backlinks to their site. This boost in media coverage was achieved through the publication of guest posts, examples of which are provided below.

The positive effects of these efforts are reflected in improved SEO parameters, as reported by Ahrefs, for the Kazakh version of the website.



Yurii Voron explained that despite the importance of having high-quality backlinks, having a large number of them may not necessarily result in increased website traffic due to changes in Google’s algorithms over the years. While having backlinks worked well in the past, Google now considers other factors such as site age, content quality and quantity, and user behavior. Nonetheless, link building remains a crucial factor for improving a website’s ranking on Google, even if the results may not be immediate.

In conclusion, entering a local market can be a challenging task, especially when it comes to getting media coverage and building backlinks. However, the use of a service like PRNEWS.IO can greatly simplify the process and save time and effort. 

The experience of Yuriy Voron and Korter in Kazakhstan shows that PRNEWS.IO provides a reliable and convenient solution for guest posting and backlink building, with a wide selection of sites from different countries and quick customer support. While it is important to keep in mind that backlinks alone do not guarantee traffic growth, they are still an important factor for Google ranking, and PRNEWS.IO offers a cost-effective and efficient way to improve your website’s SEO parameters. 

Therefore, we highly recommend PRNEWS.IO services for companies looking to enter a local market and establish a presence in the media landscape.