Health Union Introduces Innovative Programmatic Solutions, Amplify+ and Audience PMP, Redefining Health Audience Engagement


Health Union, a pioneering digital health company dedicated to fostering connections among millions of individuals grappling with chronic and complex conditions, has unveiled two groundbreaking programmatic solutions – Amplify+ and Audience PMP. These cutting-edge offerings are designed to empower brand partners to connect with their target audiences more intelligently and efficiently, leveraging behaviorally-based signals for a more impactful engagement strategy. By incorporating recent insights into user behavior, brand partners can now extend their reach to actively engaged audiences on a large scale, precisely during pivotal moments in the health journey.

Scott Schappell, Chief Revenue Officer at Health Union, emphasized the company’s decade-long legacy of transforming how brands interact with high-quality audiences through condition-specific online health communities. He stated, “This new suite of solutions builds on our legacy of being transformative. In response to the industry’s shift towards programmatic advertising, these offerings are crafted to establish meaningful and reliable connections between brand partners and the most relevant audiences.”

Health Union’s programmatic solutions go beyond traditional claims-based audience targeting by combining proprietary community engagement, data science, and extensive patient survey data from the In America platform. This distinctive approach results in one-of-a-kind audience segments that not only align with the profiles sought by brand partners but also represent actively engaged audiences likely to take meaningful actions.

Key Features of Health Union’s Programmatic Solutions:

  1. Amplify+: This solution leverages behaviorally-based signals to enhance audience targeting, ensuring brand partners connect with audiences during pivotal moments in their health journey. Amplify+ enables smarter and more effective engagement strategies by tapping into Health Union’s extensive expertise in understanding patient communities.
  2. Audience PMP: Health Union’s Audience Private Marketplace (PMP) provides brand partners with an exclusive and controlled environment to connect with highly relevant audiences. This solution offers a tailored approach, allowing brands to reach audiences with precision and establish meaningful connections.

As the healthcare industry undergoes a digital transformation, Health Union’s programmatic solutions aim to redefine how brand partners engage with health-focused audiences. By combining community-driven insights, data science, and behaviorally-based signals, Health Union is positioned to lead the way in creating impactful and authentic connections between brands and individuals navigating chronic and complex health conditions.