Brave2Bloom Conference: Where Business and Art Meet to Inspire Entrepreneurship


The inaugural Brave2Bloom (B2B) Conference is scheduled to take place in Tallinn, Estonia on April 3 and 4, 2023. This one-of-a-kind conference aims to bring together leading business experts and world-class artists to inspire and expand entrepreneurial opportunities. The event will showcase the new image of Ukrainians in Europe, emphasizing their creativity, business acumen, and resilience.

The B2B Conference features a unique format that combines speeches from business gurus on the GROW stage, live performances and masterclasses from artists on the BLOOM stage, and inspiring examples of sustaining power among crisis messages on the COURAGE stage. The event also offers intense networking and collaboration platforms and an audio-visual program.

Some of the organizations that have already confirmed their participation in the conference include Carer Women Initiative, Gucci, Chloe, IKEA, Petcube, and Spend with Ukraine. The event will also feature artists such as Krisán Kövér, John Elsgeest, and Lesia Romaniuk.

B2B organizers believe that the symbiosis of business and art is enriching, not confusing. They think that these two fields have much to learn from each other, especially during times of drastic changes that all industries are facing. Business needs creativity and inspiration, while art needs structure and technology. Both need to grow and bloom.

The conference aims to optimize business and stand up to the challenges that the current business landscape presents. B2B sets higher goals and focuses on environmental and social responsibility, gender equality, and sustainable business models. The event is initiated by Ukrainian entrepreneur Khrystyna Didukh, who hopes to rebuild Ukraine and support the Ukrainian people.

The B2B Conference also offers a special option for Ukrainians who wish to attend the event. If they cannot afford the ticket, they can write a motivation letter via the conference webpage, and B2B will figure it out. Those who share B2B’s goals and commitment to Ukraine can donate a ticket to someone who needs and admires it.

B2B promises to be an event that is not to be missed, whether in-person or online. E-tickets provide access to the conference records for three months, so anyone can join and feel B2B vibes from anywhere. Attendees will leave the conference feeling inspired to take their efforts to the next level and with a plan to grow their companies, brands, and sales.