Pepsi Wild Cherry Takes Over Vegas Sphere and Teams Up with TikTok Sensation for Super Bowl Build-Up


As the excitement for Super Bowl LVIII reaches its peak, Pepsi Wild Cherry is leaving no stone unturned with a dynamic series of activations in Las Vegas. The soft drink giant is set to make a splash with a captivating campaign, including a Vegas Sphere takeover and collaborations with top influencers, as revealed in a recent press release.

Key Highlights:

  1. Zach King and Vegas Sphere Takeover:
    • Renowned content creator Zach King, celebrated for his mesmerizing sleight-of-hand tricks, joins forces with Pepsi for a spectacular takeover of the iconic Vegas Sphere. Through clever video editing and imaginative content, the collaboration aims to capture the attention of a wide audience, merging the grandeur of Vegas with King’s unique visual storytelling.
  2. Partnership with TikTok Star Khaby Lame:
    • In a strategic move, Pepsi has teamed up with Khaby Lame, the most popular TikToker globally, to create on-the-ground experiences and engaging social content. Lame, known for his viral reaction videos and signature shrug, will add his unique flair to Pepsi’s Super Bowl preparations, bringing a fresh and relatable perspective to the campaign.
  3. Wild Cherry Hotline for At-Home Fans:
    • Recognizing the diverse preferences of football fans, Pepsi introduces the Wild Cherry Hotline, catering to those opting for a low-key night in. Fans in select cities can text “WILDNIGHTIN” to the Wild Cherry Hotline at (844) 833-9215 for a chance to win exclusive products, including a branded robe, a 2-liter bottle of Wild Cherry, and sundae ingredients, ensuring a flavorful at-home Super Bowl experience.
  4. Millennial-Focused “Get Wild” Campaign:
    • Aligning with the campaign’s theme of “Get Wild,” Pepsi targets millennials whose perceptions of excitement evolve with age. The campaign recognizes that not every fan may be seeking the bustling atmosphere of a Super Bowl party or a night out on the Vegas Strip. The Wild Cherry Hotline and associated activities cater to this demographic, offering a chance to win enticing rewards from the comfort of their homes.
  5. Official Partnership with Vegas Sphere:
    • PepsiCo solidifies its presence by becoming an official partner of the Vegas Sphere, extending its relationship with the MSG Family of Companies. The collaboration opens avenues for PepsiCo to provide food and beverages at concession stands and gain visibility on the Exosphere, the vibrant LED-lit shell of the building serving as a captivating billboard.

As Pepsi Wild Cherry amps up the Super Bowl excitement with these multifaceted initiatives, it seamlessly blends the glitz of Vegas with the creativity of digital influencers, ensuring an engaging and memorable build-up to the much-anticipated football spectacle on February 11.