Utilizing YouTube Videos on Other Platforms to Improve the Buying Journey

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When companies think about their public relations efforts, they tend to think about generating more positive media coverage, and video content isn’t always at the top of their minds. However, it’s precisely the video content that companies can create that can generate a lot more positive coverage and help customers move further down the buying journey, especially if those videos are spread out across different platforms.

Video platforms

There’s no need for the process of editing and clipping long-form YouTube videos for other platforms to be difficult. In fact, there are plenty of video editing tools that companies can use to make the entire process flow a lot more smoothly. There are tools that allow companies to choose the dimensions of the video, add captions, change the links, add graphics, and more. Once a company has created all of the short-form videos from its long-form video content, it’s time to create a content calendar for the shorter videos and start uploading them to their respective platforms. Additionally, when companies upload their shorter videos on the other platforms they’re using for communicating with the target audience, such as Twitter, TikTok, or Instagram, they can also add a call to action that’s going to invite any of the viewers that watch the shorter videos to take a look at the long-form videos on YouTube.

Buying journey

When companies are able to give the target audience a pleasant experience and valuable information through their content, that audience will naturally want to learn more about those companies and see what else they have to offer. When thinking about that, plenty of times companies feel the need to include their landing pages or a call to action that will lead the viewers to the company’s business website. However, there’s no need for businesses to do this and it can actually end up backfiring in plenty of cases. That’s because most of the time when people are using YouTube, they don’t want to see too many ads, and if a company starts using a call to action on every single video that’s shared on YouTube, the viewers will start to feel like those videos are simply an ad for the business. That means the viewers are going to be a lot more likely to stop watching the content and search for other more entertaining or educational content that won’t feel like advertising.

One of the most effective strategies that have been used by plenty of other companies is giving the target audience all of the educational and entertainment content that they are looking for, and then adding a call to action and a link to a landing page inside the video description on YouTube. Then, when a potential customer opens up the landing page, they can get a pop-up where they will be able to sign up for the company’s email newsletter, where the business can start nurturing their relationship with them and start generating more sales. That means one of the most effective ways that companies can use YouTube to grow their businesses is to create a very strong lead magnet that’s going to work together with the video content that’s being published on the platform. Additionally, it’s important to remember that if a company’s content on YouTube is entertaining enough to generate a lot of views, as well as valuable enough to get many of those viewers to look at the description to see what else the company has to offer, having a single call to action and landing page link inside the description can be more than enough for that business to grow. Furthermore, given the evergreen nature of video content on YouTube, even a single video can continue to generate more leads for a business for a long period of time.

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