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A lead usually refers to contact with a potential customer. To generate leads online, asking people for their contact information is never really enough. A combination of ideas and tools have to be used to build relationships with potential customers. The target audience has to get something worthwhile. This is where lead magnets come in handy. A lead magnet refers to a service or resource that is given with the purpose of gathering contact details. A lead magnet should propel prospects towards action. They aim to build relationships and demonstrate expertise. Given below are some effective lead magnets that help to generate leads.


Ebooks do not have to be intimidating. They can be a collection of blog posts or answers to common questions asked by prospective consumers. Whatever form it takes, it has to be informative and provide value to customers. Books also establish a business as an authority or expert in the industry. Using an html5 version makes an ebook more accessible as readers can access the content anywhere.

Discount codes

Most customers feel motivated to make a purchase when they are offered a discount. According to a survey, 93% of customers have stated that they appreciate a good deal. That is why discount codes as lead magnets are extremely popular. Discount codes should be so enticing that a customer feels compelled to move forward to make a purchase. A lot of businesses offer discount codes to anyone who signs up for their mailing list. Gift certificates towards first purchases can also act as lead magnets. For instance, Fashionnova offers a discount of 40% on their website in exchange for an email address.

Event tickets

Event tickets can lure people by offering them something that they would otherwise have to pay for. The event can be one that a business is organizing or an event that offers extremely cheap tickets in bulk. When prospective customers realize that they can get their hands on tickets in exchange of contact information, they are very likely to act. The target audience , of course, have to be interested in the event and should live in the vicinity of where the event is being held. Some customers are suspicious of free offers, since free is not always necessarily the best. In such cars, customers can be asked to pay a nominal refundable reservation fee.


Everyone loves a chance to win. That is why so many people participate in contests. Contests are a great way to build lists and sales. Instead of giving generic prizes, it is better to offer prizes that prospects would like, such as a gift certificate to a business, merchandise, or consulting time.

Product trials and samples

To generate leads, customers can be given samples to review products before buying them.For instance, some publishing houses offer sample chapters as lead magnets. Some offer sample videos in exchange for an email address. For instance, the brand, Poopourri, an air freshener company offers free samples to its new customers.

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