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Birthdays tend to be fun events that people can celebrate. They’re like a personal holiday that everyone gets, where people wish others a happy birthday, sing songs, and give gifts, while social media feeds are filled with best wishes and funny pictures. And for most consumers, another benefit of birthdays is getting promotional offers from brands. Consumers can get free meals at their favorite restaurants, free products from shops, or even discounts from their favorite brands. However, receiving a birthday email from a business isn’t just good for customers, it’s also great for businesses.

Birthday emails

A birthday email is any automated marketing email from a company that is sent out to its customers on or around their birthday. These emails are meant to celebrate their birthday while giving them a special offer that improves their day. However, they’re actually created to increase customer retention and sales for businesses.


There are plenty of reasons why companies should be sending out birthday emails to their customers. These emails remind customers of the businesses that send them, helping their solutions stay at the top of mind for consumers while garnering goodwill, showing loyalty, and increasing retention and sales. Birthday emails can also help companies improve their customer engagement strategies and create a better sense of community with target audiences. In fact, according to research, when compared to other types of promotional marketing emails, birthday emails tend to have a much higher transaction rate, click rate, and revenue rate.

Email subject

A  birthday email to a subscriber is only as powerful as the subject line of that email.  Therefore companies should strive to grab the attention of their customers as soon as they open their email inbox folder. Otherwise, they won’t bother opening the email in the first place. That means companies should create attention-grabbing subjects for their birthday emails; subject lines that either highlight a special birthday offer or an expiration date that encourages recipients to open the email soon. In the subject line, businesses can also briefly explain what the email is about, what the customer will get from opening it, or simply something intriguing that will grab their attention.

Email body

Most companies use email service providers, where they can find and select different birthday templates that they can customize in a way that reflects their brand, as well as the customers’ birthday. The birthday emails that companies send out should be fun and friendly and should provide something of value to the customer aside from well-wishes. This could be a discount, a free gift with a purchase, or another special offer. Companies can personalize these emails further by including the customer’s name in the subject line or body, as well as any other information regarding their interests, hobbies, or other information the company has collected about that specific customer.

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