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Companies that rely on in-house public relations departments or teams can always rely on these people for various public relations efforts. Between creating and sharing press releases and emails and communicating with employees, in-house, public relations teams are incredibly effective. In fact, most in-house PR teams don’t need to be made up of dozens of people, as a handful of employees can easily handle all of the essential tasks needed to keep the business moving forward and growing.

Press release

Companies these days can’t rely on anyone but themselves to generate buzz around their events, announcements, or achievements. One of the best ways that companies can share their news with their target audiences is by creating and distributing press releases. These press releases can be on just about anything the company wants to announce to the public, including announcing an upcoming event, launching a new solution, or even changes in the company’s organizational structure can call for a press release.


As mentioned previously, companies have to rely on their own resources and efforts to generate buzz with the public and the target audience by relying on press releases. However, companies may also send promotional emails to their past clients or customers to give them the same update or announcement and ensure they’ll see the notice from the business directly. Email communication is also helpful in nurturing potential customers before they convert through email newsletters. However, before a company can start sending out its promotional emails, it has to get people to sign up for the email newsletter. That’s why one of the cornerstones of effective email marketing methods is developing a strong and healthy email contact list and making it as easy as possible for people to join and leave that list. This is another task that’s effectively managed by in-house public relations teams because it will be up to the public relations professionals at the company to create valuable incentives for website visitors to sign up for the newsletter and then design, manage and send out the promotional emails to the subscribers.

Communication with employees

Internal communication is also known as communicating with employees and has become a big part of overall public relations efforts. That’s because the employees of a business can turn into the company’s biggest critics or loudest brand advocates. Communicating with employees involves sharing information with the right people on channels such as an internal forum, platform, or even email. The internal public relations employees can share any project updates, company news, and more with the employees through those communication channels. This way, companies can ensure that all of their employees feel informed, connected, and engaged in the workplace.

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