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Bid Date & Time: 8/8/22 8:00am

Scope: Provide Digital Campaign Services



New Mexico State University (NMSU) is requesting proposals from qualified firms to provide professional media and advertising services for digital campaigns. Successful applicants will support Marketing and Communications with the planning and execution of digital advertising campaigns. SERVICES

The following are typical services to be furnished and managed under this contract. Services will be provided on an as-needed basis. Work under this contract will be performed on an individual project basis consisting of individually negotiated orders. Each project will have a specific scope, fee and schedule of the services required.

MINIMUM AMOUNT: New Mexico State University does not guarantee a minimum amount of projects to be awarded to Contractor in conjunction with this Request for Proposal.

Proposers should identify in their proposal which service, from below, applies to their skills and expertise.

Media Strategy, Buying and Analysis, Strategic Development and Execution of Promotional Campaigns

• Research media trends for targeted audience(s)

• Review marketplace for existing and potential regions

• Recommendations for media strategies for online and non-traditional media channels

• Negotiate with media outlets, plan and implement media buys

• Campaign analysis, devising key performance indicators and performance measures

• Development of tracking methods and benchmarks including Google Analytics

• Scheduling, optimizing, monitoring and reporting of campaigns in progress

• Build out of online campaigns, discovery, keyword development, audience and regional targeting, platform setup

SUBMITTAL REQUIREMENTS (For ease of evaluation, Proposals should be formatted in the order as listed below)

The Offeror is particularly encouraged to address all points that will be evaluated as described herein in each point of the evaluation criteria. If a factor of evaluation is not adequately responded to by the Offeror, the Offeror may be determined to be non-responsive. The Offeror should contact Buyer for clarification of evaluation criteria or terminology. Your response shall not exceed ten (10) single sided pages. The page limit does not include: front and back cover, vendor questionnaire, debarment and suspension certificate, non-collusion certificate, copy of In-State preference certificate, any required attachments, blank dividers, table of contents, and Federal form requirement.

Proposals Include:

A letter of transmittal, which includes the following information:

A. Name, address, telephone/FAX number and email of business

B. Name of the primary contact.

C. Authorized signature and title of Offeror.

D. Date of proposal; and

E. Statement that the Offeror has the ability to provide the item/ services requested and will comply with the contract terms and conditions set forth in this Request for Proposal and acknowledges any addendums or is requesting changes to certain terms and conditions, if awarded a contract.

Company Overview/Staff:

1. Agency’s comprehensive and satisfactory knowledge of professional media and advertising services for digital campaigns.

2. Company profile to include company history, years of experience, number of dedicated staff members, and relevant experience.

3. Professional resumes of personnel who will be interfacing with New Mexico State University.

4. Specialized job training and certifications/ licenses held by dedicated staff members

5. Approach to customer service.

Experience/Samples of Work:

1. Overview of current and prior experience including years of experience providing these services.

2. Indicate how long Agency has been providing the type of services for similar institutions of higher education and complexity.

3. Provide a statement of qualification describing your firm’s knowledge and experience in providing the type of services comparable to the scope of services required in this request for proposals.

Approach to Scope of Services:

1. Provide an in-depth description of the services your Agency is proposing to perform in response to the Scope of Work.

2. Provide an itemized description of items/services offered with an indication of capabilities to provide these services.

3. Describe, in detail, the means by which those services are performed and any services that cannot be provided as required should be noted.

Cost/Price: A fee proposal shall be included; list your company’s detailed cost for the items/services requested and hourly rates.


1. Provide three (3) references at least one (1) from an institution of higher education that have received similar services from your Company.

2. References will include the Customer’s name, period of performance, and point of contact, phone number, and E-mail address.

3. The references will be contacted to verify performance

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