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Companies can improve their public relations efforts in plenty of different ways, with one of the most effective ones being video content. Although research has shown that most people’s attention spans have been decreasing, there’s plenty of room for companies to start utilizing long-form video content, specifically on YouTube. Then, companies can re-purpose that long-form video content into trader videos for other platforms and generate more brand awareness.

Relevant topics

The first step in creating short-form video content from long-form video content is to identify the content pillars themselves. These pillars are the groups of primary keywords for topics that the company wants to create so it can support its overall key messages. This is a very important step that companies shouldn’t avoid because this way they’ll be able to create a focused approach in their video creation process. After all, the goal of all content is to get the target audience to look at that content and associate the business with the topics that are being covered in that content. Once a company has figured out its content pillars, it needs to do more research to single out specific keywords it should be highlighting. All of the content that the business creates should be made in a way that mentions those keywords to improve search engine rankings, as well as build more brand awareness for the content pillars. When brainstorming topics for video content, it’s also important for companies to keep their target audiences in mind and think about all of the questions they might ask when they’re trying to find solutions to the problems. Companies should focus on the type of information that the audience might need when they’re looking for content on Google or YouTube. At a higher level, although the contents might end up being broad, it’s still going to relate to the company’s products or services, which is incredibly helpful during the hour and stage of the buying journey. Then, once more potential customers get to know the business and its content, the company can start moving them down the buying journey with more specific videos focused on the solutions themselves, Q&As, demos, and more. These types of content will help the target audience become leads, and then customers, and eventually loyal brand advocates.


When a company has planned out all of the topics it wants to create videos for, it’s time to start creating those videos and uploading them. It’s always best to start by creating all of the long-form video content that’s going to be published on YouTube. This is because it’s going to be a lot easier for companies to repurpose and clip those longer videos into short-form content, instead of trying to do the opposite. Additionally, it’s important to remember that YouTube is owned by Google, which means the content that companies create for YouTube can be quickly indexed by the search engine and displayed in the search engine results pages for the keywords the company is trying to target. When a company is outlining and creating its YouTube videos, it’s important to remember that currently, the ideal length for long-form video content on YouTube is anywhere between 10 and 30 minutes. One of the greatest benefits that companies get from creating video content with repurposing it in mind is that businesses will learn how they can strategically outline and create their content so that in the future it’s going to be a lot easier to edit it into short-form videos that can function well on their own.

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