3 Tips for Hiring Team Members for Your Marketing Agency with Jeff Hunter [VIDEO]


Hiring is one of the hardest but most important aspects of running a growing marketing agency. Jeff Hunter has hired over 150 people in his agency using an experiential hiring process. This process saves you and your team valuable time. 

His process sifts out the not-so-great candidates and helps you find awesome humans that fit into your culture, meet the requirements of the position, and have the work ethic necessary to succeed. When you dial this in, only the BEST candidates for your business will make it to the table.

In this video:

  • No! They Wouldn’t—Would They? 00:18-00:27
  • The Experiential Hiring Process in Action 1:43-2:13
  • Three Steps to Make it Happen 3:36-3:50
  • THIS Can Be Improved, So Look at Other Qualities Too 4:18-4:40

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