Released a new mod for the Sims 4, where you can become a webcam model

The Sims series is quite popular with modders. They create not only new designs for interiors, clothing, locations, but also add to the stories new mechanics. For example, for Sims 4 came out mod, which introduces an unusual profession – webcam model.

Addon called ARP Career can be downloaded from almost any site modifications with adult rating: in the process of virtual work sim will undress and show their charms. For such shows the character will be able to earn several times more money than the usual profession. 

The community welcomed this trend, because webcam modeling has become almost an integral part of society. In addition, the number of girls who work in erotic video chats has increased in recent years. Whether the character will be able to earn as much as Belle Delphine on her nudes is unknown. 


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