OpenX Unveils Cookieless Deal Library, Empowering Advertisers to Navigate Programmatic Shift


OpenX Technologies, Inc., a prominent omnichannel supply-side platform, has introduced a groundbreaking addition to its suite of cookieless targeting solutions – the Cookieless Deal Library. This advancement equips advertisers to proactively navigate the evolving programmatic landscape and future-proof their media investments.

In the face of the impending paradigm shift in programmatic advertising, where 98% of marketers express concerns about signal loss, OpenX’s Cookieless Deal Library emerges as a strategic tool. This solution addresses the challenge faced by buyers who lack a seamless method to test cookieless offerings within their existing workflows and determine the most effective solutions at scale.

The Cookieless Deal Library streamlines the process for buyers, allowing them to effortlessly test and scale campaigns against a comprehensive range of cookieless targeting options while seamlessly integrating with their preferred DSPs. This ensures that advertisers can efficiently assess multiple solutions, compare their performance, and establish new benchmarks without the need for additional contracts or negotiations.

Key Features of OpenX’s Cookieless Deal Library:

  1. DSP-Agnostic Solution: The new solution is DSP-agnostic, enabling buyers to access over 1,000 pre-built deal IDs encompassing various cookieless tactics.
  2. Diverse Cookieless Tactics: The library includes deals powered by alternative identifiers, attention metrics, contextual targeting, ID-free audience targeting, CTV deals, Privacy Sandbox Topics deals, and publisher first-party data deals.
  3. Prominent Data Partners: OpenX’s Cookieless Deal Library integrates offerings from renowned data partners such as Digiseg, ID5, LiveRamp, Adelaide, Oracle Moat, TVision, 4D, Audigent, Captify, Cross Pixel, Oracle Contextual Intelligence, Silverpush, SQREEM Technologies, Dstillery, Samba TV, and more.
  4. Google Privacy Sandbox Topics: Notably, this marks the first time that Google Privacy Sandbox Topics segments will be accessible for buyers in any DSP, including those currently not supporting this technology.

The introduction of the Cookieless Deal Library follows the recent launch of ConteX, OpenX’s contextual marketplace. Some ConteX deals have demonstrated a remarkable 300% increase in delivery in non-cookied environments.

Matt Sattel, Senior Vice President of Buyer Development at OpenX, highlighted the platform’s commitment to innovation, direct premium publisher integrations, and responsiveness to customer feedback. He emphasized that the Cookieless Deal Library enables buyers to seamlessly test, learn, and act in the evolving landscape, providing a strategic advantage in a world without cookies.

This innovative library positions OpenX at the forefront of cookieless advertising, offering a diverse range of targeting solutions and paving the way for future enhancements, including improved forecasting tools and new off-the-shelf cookieless audiences. Advertisers leveraging OpenX’s Cookieless Deal Library gain a competitive edge by proactively adapting to the evolving dynamics of programmatic advertising.