Join the Masters of Email Marketing Webinar and Learn From the Industry’s Leading Experts


The Masters of Email Marketing Webinar is back this spring, and it’s bigger and better than ever before! With 10 speakers and 8 hours of email marketing insights, this webinar is a must-attend event for anyone looking to master the art of email marketing.

The free webinar takes place on March 22nd at 10:00 AM (UTC +3) and is designed for anyone who wants to learn the latest email marketing trends and techniques from the industry’s top experts.

This year, the webinar features a comprehensive presentation by Smaily’s CEO Erkki Markus and Marketing Director Tanel Rand, who will reveal the secrets to email marketing success in 2023 and beyond. From hyper-personalization and micro-segmentation to AI in email marketing and interactivity, these two experts will cover it all.

But they’re not the only ones sharing their expertise. Chris Byrne, the founder of the email marketing & survey platform Sensorpro, will provide tools to evaluate subject lines, share inspiration for crafting compelling copy, and discuss the often-overlooked but essential aspect of showcasing your logo in Gmail. He’ll also provide tips on how authentication helps to avoid the junk folder, the three key things that Gmail looks for, and how to set it all up.

Adeola Sole, an email marketing consultant and the VP of customer success at Email Expert, is also a well-known international public speaker and webinar host. She’ll touch on the foundations of a good email, design and the importance it plays with conversion, landing page optimizations to lead your customer to the basket, metrics to keep an eye on, and much more.

Copywriter Ben Milsom knows how to set the words so that an email truly reaches its goal. He’ll help eCommerce brands increase their revenue with email sequences without spending significant money on ads. In his presentation, he’ll lead us through a small masterclass workshop on his entire process of writing a DIC sales email (Disrupt, Intrigue, and Click) from start to finish. Tune in and find out how to really intrigue your subscribers and get them to make that click.

Jeanne Jennings, the Founder and CEO of Email Optimization Shop, is a recognized expert in email marketing and a sought-after consultant, trainer, speaker, and author. She’ll give you a structure for identifying and prioritizing automation opportunities for your organization, tips for defining and presenting your key CTA-s, and the formula for building benefit-oriented message maps for your automation campaigns.

Deliverability specialist Yanna-Torry Aspraki from EmailConsul will discuss the importance of monitoring deliverability and sender reputation. To ensure that your emails will not end up slipping into the spam folder, she’ll also give you tips and suggest various free and low-cost tools to audit and troubleshoot these areas without breaking your budget.

Christian Nørbjerg Enger, a leading email marketing specialist in Denmark, is on a mission to make segmentation in email marketing a term that every household eCommerce brand is implementing into their email marketing strategy. He’ll first talk about the importance of segmentation and then offer tools for evaluating the collected data and its possible use.

Nontas Karavias is an independent marketing automation consultant, host of the #1 marketing podcast in Greece, and mentor in GrowthMentor. In his presentation, he speaks about how to go about building an email marketing strategy, how to think about list management and segmentation, and how automation can be successfully used for that.

Finally, Andriy Vovchak, a young and bold Sales Developer at PRNEWS.IO, will bring a fresh and motivating spin to the webinar! As someone who excels at pitching clients and investors, Andriy will teach you how to get more attention for your business in a professional way, thanks to email pitching.

Join the world’s leading email marketing specialists, participate in the general discussion, and learn how to get your email marketing up-to-date and successfully running. Don’t forget to prepare your questions and notebook for this event!