Ukrainian Armed Forces cat in your crypto wallet: the launch date of the first national NFT collection in Ukraine is known


The first national NFT collection of 10,000 images will appear in Ukraine. The UACatsDivision team is working on its creation together with the Incrypted publication and the UNITED24 platform.

The launch of the NFT collection is scheduled for February 22, 2023. The images will be available for purchase for a limited time.
“We want to engrave the cats of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the form of an NFT collection that will forever remain a symbol of the defiance and indestructibility of the Ukrainian people,” said Dmytro Kuriksha, one of the co-founders of UACatsDivision.

The collection includes 10,000 images of Ukrainian Armed Forces cats: journalists, medics, marines, TROs, and other heroes. After the purchase, the NFT is stored in the owner’s crypto wallet and can be exchanged, gifted, or resold at any time.

The project pursues several goals at once: to increase the level of cryptocurrency literacy, to capture symbols of the invincibility of the Ukrainian people, and to highlight the heroism of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. But its main mission is to raise 40 million hryvnias to buy 4 maritime drones needed to protect the seas.

According to Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine Mykhailo Fedorov, Ukrainians are making technological history. The formation of a fleet of maritime drones will help in reconnaissance, monitoring of coastal activity and defeating enemy targets.
The launch of the collection will allow to engage the global crypto community in fundraising.

For reference:
NFT is a unique digital certificate of an artwork stored on the blockchain. Its main principles are non-interchangeability, uniqueness, and limited quantity. Once created, it is stored on the owner’s digital wallet. Such a certificate can be given as a gift, sold, exchanged, or collected.