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Companies that want to generate more sales and revenue through Facebook need to focus on advertising on the platform with the right strategies. There are several different ad types that companies can use to improve their sales rates and conversions.


Companies that want potential customers to take a high-value action on the business website should be using the conversion objective in their advertising campaigns as a way to direct all of those potential customers to the action they want them to take. With this objective, companies can encourage potential customers to do practically anything from looking at a landing page to reaching out to a business so they can make a purchase. That means with this objective, companies can almost immediately improve their sales or start adding more potential customers to the buying journey. Companies need to think about the conversion events they want to target with this objective.  Ideally, companies should be using an event that has already shown to generate a large amount of customer data. This way, the algorithm that Facebook uses can deliver the ad to the users that are going to be a lot more likely to complete the company’s desired action.

Catalog sales

If a company provides direct to customer or e-commerce sales it can greatly benefit from the catalog sales objective on Facebook. This way companies can connect their customers right to their solutions to generate more sales. However, before a company can use this objective, it first needs to set up its catalog inside the Facebook Commerce Manager. Businesses can choose to automate the process by simply connecting their e-commerce platform to Facebook or uploading all of their product data manually. Although companies can advertise their entire catalogs in this way if a business has hundreds of products that might not be effective. When that happens companies should be creating product sets that will help them improve their advertising efforts and catalog products more easily.

Offer ads

If a company wants to provide its customers with a limited-time offer or a discount, it can start mentioning the discount to the customers inside the copy of the ad or inside the creative. This strategy works well for generating a lot of attention and conversions from customers. This is called an offer ad, but they can do a lot more for companies than simply promote limited-time offers. That’s because this type of ad is also available with conversions, traffic, store traffic, and catalog sales objectives and gives companies a lot of ways to give customers the information they might need. Some of the information includes the title and description, the date and time of the promo code, the total number of available offers, the terms and conditions for the offer, and more. Then, when potential customers see this ad, they can immediately take advantage of the limited time offer, or decide to save it so they can use it at a later date. The platform will then automatically remind the people that saved the offer to use it three different times which helps companies improve the opportunities to generate conversions at sales.

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