Email Automations That Help Turn Tiny Shops Into Mega Marts with Simon Trafford [VIDEO]

Simon Trafford is the Co-founder and Head Coach at Merchant Mastery and one of three world-class instructors for DigitalMarketer’s—NEW for 2022—Ecommerce Marketing Mastery certification course. 

He’s taught thousands of ecommerce brands how to grow from a tiny mom n’ pop shops to massive global brands through effective marketing. You’ll definitely want to watch as he talks about the 3 email automations you NEED to have so you’re not leaving money on the table.

In this video:

  • You’ve GOT to Automate These 3 Email Flows: 00:16-00:24
  • Nail This Email Automation For Cash on Demand! 00:25-00:36
  • Forget This Email & You Can Forget Repeat Buyers: 00:49-1:00

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