Wireless chargers integrated with the workspace

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Wireless Charging Technology

Wireless charging is also called inductive charging. It provides a convenient and cable-free way of charging electronic devices. It normally requires two things: a charger and a mat or stand. Wireless chargers provide a charging surface to attach to a smartphone or earbuds. Wireless chargers come in a variety of sizes and shapes, giving consumers plenty of choices. These chargers safely transfer power to devices and put less strain on a phone’s charging port. Given below are wireless chargers that are convenient and integrated with the workspace.

The invisible choice – The UTS-1 Invisible Wireless Charger by Kew Labs is priced at $150. This nifty gadget can be attached to the underside of a desk so that it becomes invisible. This device truly blends in and keeps a desk or any work surface clutter-free. The work surface, however, should not be made of metal. The device has an output of 30 watts, which is four times greater than that of a typical charger. It also has two settings that can adjust its power output depending on the thickness of the work surface. It even works through granite countertops and uses Intelligent Power Communication Technology to function through surfaces up to one inch thick. It does not have an updating light but it can be installed easily without any tools.

The picture frame – The PowerPic phone charger by Twelve South is a charging stand that can also be used as a picture frame. The idea behind this device is to hide a wireless charger in a piece of home decor. Users can put something on a desk that they actually want to see: a picture frame that might hold an image of friends, family, or a new pet. When a phone needs to be charged, it can just be placed in the frame. Another interesting feature of the frame is that the image in the frame can appear on the phone while it is being charged. This makes the process of charging invisible. The charger works for phone cases up to three millimeters thick.

The device that doubles as a workspace – The Taskpad Full Desk Blotter and Mouse Pad with wireless charger by Key Smart is a water-resistant pad that can charge a phone, mouse, or AirPods. The device is about 35 by 17 inches, and one can also place a cup of coffee on it while cushioning the user’s arms. It provides plenty of space for a keyboard and other electronic devices. The only drawback could be that this pad can charge only one item at a time. The design is simple and sleek and can elevate the appearance of a workspace.

The charging cup – Since phones are extremely dirty, it is a good idea to sanitize them while they are charging. Oblio by Lexon does just that. This device is a wireless charging station with a UV sanitizer. It can kill 99.9% of the germs on a phone in just 20 minutes and has been lab-tested against harmful viruses. It has an LED light for charging status and correct placement. The device charges at 10 watts, which works well for different types

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