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Companies can rely on a few different types of public relations at different points in time. However, it’s important to note that while all the different types of public relations can be used at different times, companies still need to invest in public relations consistently to have all those individual efforts pay off collectively. Investing in the right type of public relations effort at the right time can help companies navigate different situations and reach different segments of their target audiences at the right time.

Social and corporate responsibility

Social and corporate responsibility is all of the public relations efforts that companies utilize that highlight their ethical business practices. That means companies have to communicate that they’re supporting humanitarian and environmentally friendly efforts but also show how they’ve been supporting them with actions locally, regionally, and globally. This is a very important type of public relations because it directly impacts how a company is perceived by the public and more importantly, its target audience and stakeholders.


Events PR allows companies to promote themselves and their solutions to the rest of the industry as well as the target market, and generate a lot more exposure. When a company is able to host, support, or participate in a business, industry, or local event, it gets a very valuable opportunity to generate more exposure and increase sales. One of the benefits that come with PR events is the fact that businesses get the opportunity to meet with both existing and potential consumers in person and develop stronger relationships with all those consumers. Additionally, companies can also generate more exposure if they get involved with various activities at events, including speaking engagements.

Community relations

On the note of speaking engagements, companies need to develop positive and mutually beneficial relationships with their local communities, which can be done through community relations, another type of public relations. Community relations involve fundraising events, charitable work, donations, and even special discounts. These strategies can be used when a company is looking to build better relationships with its local community and improve consumer loyalty.

Crisis management

The last beneficial type of public relations is crisis management, which involves figuring out and managing complicated situations that companies might find themselves in. With the help of crisis management, companies get a chance to figure out whether they are facing any potential threats to their public perception, credibility, or reputation, and develop solutions for those threats in a way that doesn’t noticeably impact the company. Another element where crisis management is quite helpful is having companies navigate crisis situations more effectively, and reversing any negative perceptions the public has developed of a business through communication.

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