The Crisis of Paid Traffic – From The Office Of Kris Krohn


The Crisis of Paid Traffic - From The Office Of Kris Krohn

Research tells us that the #1 challenge facing business owners in 2022 is generating traffic and leads.

But why? 

After a pandemic, when essentially the entire world went online, and social platforms blew up, shouldn’t leads and traffic be more accessible than ever?

You might think yes, but the problem is that all the businesses hopped online at the same time.

On Facebook alone, we saw a huge spike in new advertisers, but not a huge spike in the number of new users. The supply went up, and the demand stayed the same. As a result, ad costs have skyrocketed (40% more in the last year). We see this across the board with many different paid advertising platforms. The market is saturated, and everyone is feeling the effects of it.

Hmmm…what else happened during the pandemic? Ah yes, the amazing iOS updates and changing algorithms. The ads that once served us now cost way more and are less effective because of all the security issues and changes that have occurred.

Have you been a victim of the paid ads crisis?

For many business owners, paid ads are half as profitable as they used to be.

So what now? 

Where do business owners turn to raise profits once again?

If you’re simply submitting to the changes and absorbing the costs, you may be on the road to slow (or fast) business death. You’d have to be the judge of that.

There is a solution that many business owners, influencers, speakers, service providers, and even the ecom people are turning to, and that is: organic marketing.

  • Organic is free.
  • Organic is valuable and MEGA profitable.
  • Organic isn’t subject to (as many) rules and regulations as paid advertising.
  • Organic marketing is for long term, sustainable growth. 

For business owners looking to grow and bring in more highly qualified leads than ever, going full force on organic marketing can be the vehicle that gets you there.

If you choose to go organic, there are 3 important things to remember:

#1 – Build Out Your Strategy

The strategy we use on social media is what we like to call “the suffocation strategy.” We hit all the platforms with a ton of content every single day. You may wonder when I find time to sleep… No worries there! My team and I have actually dialed it in, so I only spend three hours a week filming, and we turn those three hours into a thousand pieces of content.

Create a system where you don’t have to be thinking and creating content all day, but rather have dedicated times each week to pump out a ton of content, and disperse it where it needs to go on all the platforms.

Learning about the platforms you’re using or hiring someone who knows is helpful in maximizing your ability to get the best results.

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#2 – Be Consistent

Having a strategy is great, but won’t be helpful if it’s not executed consistently. This is the biggest pitfall for businesses starting out. They create some videos, post some stuff, and hope that’s going to win them all the leads. 


You have to be consistent and carry out your strategy week after week. The algorithms love it, and it shows your audience you’re there for the long haul. 

#3 – Love Your Audience

The best way to win the business of your audience and to grow your followers is to love on them in your own unique professional way. 

Providing real value, content that they want, doing giveaways, contests, special promos, and engaging with them online are just some of the ways you can show your followers you care. Because you do, and you want them to know it.

If you’re feeling like the #1 challenge in your business is acquiring leads and traffic, then maybe it’s time to re-evaluate how you’re going about it. 

History tells us that we must evolve with the times. A lot has changed in the last two years, and although paid traffic is more expensive than ever, the ability to leverage free organic traffic is also at an all time high!

If your business needs a boost, consider taking advantage of free organic traffic.

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