Strategies for Generating Positive Media Coverage


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According to studies, over 80% of all public relations professionals believe that storytelling is the core of any meaningful growth for businesses. Despite the number of digital platforms that companies can use, one of the most valuable ways for companies to tell their stories is through media coverage.


Companies that want to generate more positive media coverage that will help them grow need to focus on credibility because every single customer these days needs to relate to the company and find it credible. According to research, over 60% of customers believe that having shared values with a company can help them develop more trusting relationships with that company. When a company is able to communicate its values to the target audience, it means that it will be able to develop a trusting relationship with its customers. However, most companies avoid sharing their values with the public in case they start facing any sort of controversy. They tend to prefer providing the audience with actionable information regarding the company and its solutions, instead of anything that might be controversial, however, one of the best ways for companies to develop their credibility with a target audience and generate positive media coverage is by being credible with their communication efforts.

Clear communication

One of the biggest mistakes that most companies make in terms of public relations efforts is not communicating clearly to the target audience, the public, or to media outlets. Plenty of companies tend to get caught up in technical language, jargon, and more, which is not something that journalists or customers actually want to hear from companies, especially on a regular basis. According to studies, over 90% of customers actually become loyal to a company, if that company is completely transparent in its communication efforts. If a business has a difficult time communicating what it stands for, why people need to care about the business and its solutions, its value proposition, and who the business is, it can be detrimental to its public image and public relations efforts.

Business website

Over 60% of customers have previously stated that digital content is one of the key elements they consider as a valuable factor in terms of brand loyalty. In fact, plenty of customers have stopped interacting with a company’s business website if it was loading slowly, didn’t look great, or wasn’t functional. That means, companies that want to generate more positive media coverage also need to focus on making sure that their business websites are a valuable asset both to the company itself, as well as to anyone that’s going to be using that website. After learning about the business, one of the first things a potential customer tends to do is to look up the company’s name on a search engine and open the business website. The most important information that a business website needs is the about us page, a media section that contains any media coverage the company has received in the past, and a place that will inform website visitors how they can reach out to the company.

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