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People often take up side hustles when they are looking for alternate ways to make money. They might have financial goals or they might be looking forward to earning from projects that they are passionate about. Sometimes, pursuing a passion is just not feasible. A major portion of the population do not find their main job fulfilling. That is when a side hustle can let a person use their creativity and even benefit from it. Given below are some side hustle ideas that are becoming increasingly popular.

Freelance copywriting

Since almost every field needs freelance writers, it means that there are lots of opportunities available for freelance copywriters. If a person has a computer and a stable internet connection there are no start-up costs involved. A lot of people love writing for a living. It helps them to get creative while earning money. There is plenty of freelance work available in different fields such as education, travel, healthcare, marketing, and many others. With freelance writing, one can select opportunities that best fit their work schedule.

Selling things on eBay

Selling things on eBay is not only a lucrative side hustle it also helps a person to build a brand identity. For a steady stream of inventory, people also get products from local thrift shops. This is also a sustainable side hustle because one promotes the sale of preloved goods. One seller had bought a prosthetic leg for $30 and had sold it for $1000 the next day. People with an eye for bargains can turn their purchases into extra income. Items can also be purchased from car boot sales and online marketplaces.

Become a virtual assistant

If  a person has administrative and organizational skills they can work from home as a virtual assistant. Being a virtual assistant also helps to keep skills fresh. A virtual assistant does not need to work in a company’s office, they can work from a remote location. They can help with bookkeeping, social media management, and other administrative duties. They can create presentations, prepare spreadsheets, keep online records, and perform market research.


Ridesharing is a job that one can do anytime and anywhere. One does not even need a set schedule. One can drive with Lyft and Uber and get paid instantly. A side hustle like this is also safe. Lyft, for instance, offers insurance policies to drivers at no extra cost. People do not even have to own a car to drive for Lyft. They can rent out a vehicle at any time.

Being an events planner

Event planning can be a stressful job but people who love the thrill and the energy associated with it can offer their services as an event planners. One can start with small events such as baby showers or birthdays, Event planning goes hand in hand with networking. It can lead to meaningful connections as the event industry is led largely by word of mouth.

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