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For the purposes of this procurement process, the “RFP Contact” will be:

Ken McLean, Purchasing Specialist, [email protected]

Proposals to be Submitted at Prescribed Location

Proposals must be submitted through the College’s online Bonfire portal at:



Fleming College has campus locations in Peterborough, Lindsay, and Haliburton, Ontario. The College offers more than 100 full-time programs in Art and Design, Business, Environmental and Natural Resource Sciences, General Arts and Sciences, Health and Wellness, Justice and Community Development, and Trades and Technology. To meet the demands of today’s job market programs these fields emphasize on-trend, practical, hands-on learning in a supportive, close-knit community of faculty and students. Fleming College has more than 6,800 full-time and 10,000 part-time students, and 80,000 alumni.

The College continues to develop the Marketing and Recruitment Strategy for 2022/2023, the successful agency will provide input and direction to ensure strategies and tactics are cohesive and correlated with the recruitment cycle of a post-secondary institution. The successful agency will work collaboratively with the marketing and recruitment teams to iteratively improve the annual Marketing and Recruitment Strategy for 2022/2023 and subsequent years to follow. As such, the successful agency’s key personnel should have a thorough knowledge of Strategic Enrolment Management as it pertains to post-secondary.

Fleming College has over 100 full-time programs, over 40 Continuing Education programs and specializations and over 800 Continuing Education courses. Campaigns that will be included in promotion will be a mix of low enrollment, high opportunity programs and programs that represent the College in a favourable, unique, and innovative light. Top priority is to meet enrolment growth targets for specific programs for which the College receives grant funding.

The goals and objectives of the campaign(s) will vary depending on the specific business requirement or need. This could include program enrolment and or brand awareness. It will be incumbent on the College to articulate the goals and objectives in the initial phases of campaign creation.


Fleming College is seeking a digital marketing media buying agency to:

Digital Media Strategy and Planning

a) Develop and align on the holistic strategic framework pertaining to integrating media with creativity to achieve the set goals. Ensure each tactical initiative is in line and supports the overarching strategic framework.

b) Programmatic leadership and implementation to build an audience and customer-led strategy where appropriate

c) Present strategic media plans to support the College.

d) Contribute to strategic discussions with the Marketing team when required.

e) Manage and deliver paid media strategies based on approved media plans.

f) Set up and improve the functionality of the College: Pixels for retargeting campaigns, Google Tag Manager account, Google Analytics reporting

g) Recommend media budget allocation by market and by channel; analysis to determine ideal budgets and flighting including blocking charts

Digital Media Buying and Management

a) Provide detailed specifications on ad requirements with clear timelines.

b) Execute strategic and tactical digital media advertising buys on a variety of social media platforms, and/or search engine marketing (Google Ads), and/or other new and innovative platforms – with a total approximate value of $300,000 CAD per year.

c) Assist with digital media buys for a variety of College specific campaigns including but not limited to an ‘Always-On’ advertising campaign that will run through the entire 2022/2023 fiscal year.

d) Oversee and optimize digital buys on an ongoing basis.

e) Strategically devise new ways to remain competitive in the buying space to ensure that the College is positioned for success with a strategic omnichannel digital presence

f) Perform extensive research, including but not limited to keyword research when creating College-wide advertising campaigns.

g) Provide real time reporting, (preferably in Google Data Studio) for all campaigns.

h) Communicate in the form of monthly reporting calls to discuss strategy, successes, and make necessary campaign improvements.

Analytics, Reporting, and Optimization

a) Assist with daily, weekly and monthly optimizations and be proactive to suggest new and innovative tactics for a/b testing on all campaigns.

b) Facilitate progress update meetings to discuss/finalize digital marketing and advertising campaigns, results and action items.

c) Track expenditures and ensure that ad buys stay within budget (individual project budgets will be provided).

d) Present final campaign reports with recommendations.

e) Develop KPIs and measurement plans to support media and creative initiatives

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