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Due Date: 8/11/22

Buyer: Michael Green [email protected]

Phone: 480-350-8516


The purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to award a contract to a qualified firm (Contractor) to develop custom-tailored, personality-driven podcast content featuring high-profile guests designed to increase the brand profile and social media presence of the Tempe Police Department. 

Scope of Services:

The Contractor shall be responsible for end-to-end production for the original, unscripted, audio and audio-visual recordings that will include the following services:

  1. Participate with Police leadership to identify content areas that will be integrated into the completed episodes.
  2. Utilize suitable recording facilities and personnel to ensure a professionally delivered product;
  3. Coordinating and engaging with City selected individuals who are to appear, whose performance is to be embodied, or whose participation is to be included in the original content;
  4. Obtaining all rights, releases, agreements, licenses, or waivers necessary from all individuals and locations depicted in, or rendering services or furnishing materials in connection with the Original content, including the talent;
  5. Preparing, producing, recording, editing and delivering the original content;
  6. Providing all other services customarily rendered by first-class producers in the audio and audio-visual podcast content industry and as may be required by the City;
  7. Deliver twelve (12) episodes in audio and video format;
  8. Each episode will be a maximum length of forty-five minutes;
  9. Episodes will be structured to create brand awareness for the Tempe Police Department, provide thought leadership, educate the Police Department’s broader audience, control the narrative and attract new audiences through the podcasts. 
  10. Each episode shall be delivered in the following formats:
  • 1920 x 1080 p, .mp4 (full episodes)
  • .mp3 (full episodes)
  • 1080 x 1080p, .mp4 (snippets)
  1. The contractor shall distribute the episodes to various Digital Services Providers (DPS).

Qualifications of Contractor

Offering firms shall have the necessary experience and skills in the production of podcast content development in both audio and video formats.  Firms shall have an established presence in the podcast development space and have access to qualified Talent to be included in the episodes.  Firms shall be capable of coordinating with various Digital Services Providers to ensure ample distribution of episodes.  Firms must demonstrate their competence in providing original podcast development turnkey services.  Experience providing these services to law enforcement agencies is a plus.  

Required Information

Firms will include one (1) original of the complete proposal via e-mail submission as referenced on the front page of the RFP.  Carefully review the following required information components and ensure that all elements are responded to in the same sequence as presented below.  Please include tabs that will separate each section. 

  1. Introduction/Background – Provide background information on the company, including a brief historical narrative, location of offices, geographic profile, the legal structure of the enterprise, the total number of employees, years in business under the current name, and a brief description of the services offered by the company, and identification of the key contact person who will be responsible for interacting with the City during the evaluation process.  
  1. Signed Offer Form – Complete and sign the Vendor’s Offer Form (Form 201-B) by an authorized representative of the submitting company.   Include any signed addendums if issued by the City.  
  1. Experience – Describe your company’s overall experience in developing and delivering original podcast content. Include the years performing these services and the total number of accounts where these services have been performed over the past 3-years.  Describe any specific Pod Cast work provided to the law enforcement community.  Also, in this section, including three (3) references of current or past clients (within the past three years) where similar original podcast development services have been conducted.  Include the organization name, phone number, contact person, and a brief description of the services performed. 
  1. Sample of Work – Include a link where the evaluation team can view some recent examples of podcasts that your firm has developed.
  1. Project Team – Describe the project team assigned to support this initiative.   Include a brief bio for each key team member (including length of time with the firm) and their specific qualifications and expertise that the firm will rely on to deliver a successful project for the City.  Resumes may be included.  The project team that is presented shall be the same team that performs the scope of services – if awarded.
  1. Method of Approach – Based on the Scope of Services section, provide a method of approach that describes how the firm will accomplish the work and achieve the identified goals.  This should be a detailed step-by-step outline as to how the firm will perform the scope of services.  This section of the proposal must contain enough detail to convey to the evaluation team the approach that will be used to deliver the described podcast development services.   Discuss the various digital service providers that will be solicited for podcast distribution.  Identify any steps that will require City staff input.   Discuss how the firm will seek out and secure the appropriate personalities/talent for involvement with the episodes.     
  1. Project Schedule – Include a brief timeline that shows the key actions that will take place from the date of award, estimated to be September 8, 2022, through the completion of the 12 podcast episodes.   
  1. Price Proposal – Detail all costs that would apply to this project and the attached Pricing Section.  Please identify any costs related to performing additional podcasts after the initial 12 episodes are completed.  The City anticipates that additional podcasts will be desired beyond the initial group of 12. 
  1. Compliance with City Terms and Conditions – Include a statement of understanding that the firm accepts the City’s terms and conditions and scope of service requirements.   Indicate if any separate agreements must be incorporated into the final contract documents.  The City prefers to use the RFP documents as the contract but will consider any separate agreement if provided with submittal and deemed reasonable (subject to legal review).  
  1.  Additional Value – Please provide any additional information on your company that would support your selection for this important work. 

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