Optimizing Lead Generation Ads

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Companies are always looking to add more potential customers to the buying journey and to do that they have to optimize all of the ads they’re running on Facebook. The most successful companies are always trying to learn more about the customers they are targeting so they can always ensure their campaigns are going to be as successful as possible.

Running Ads

Companies that want to generate more leads should be using the lead generation objective inside Facebook ads. With the help of that objective companies can get more potential customers to reach out to the business through an automated chat feature, or by submitting an instant form. This way the business can learn more about the needs of its potential customers and lead them toward the next stages of the buying journey. Although this objective is a great way for companies to generate more leads with the native tools from Facebook, it’s not the only option that companies have where they can pay to connect with potential customers. That’s because companies can also use the conversion objective from Facebook ads to direct more people toward their business website, where they can get gated content in exchange for their email addresses. Businesses that want to be successful using the objectives need to provide potential customers with a lead magnet that’s very valuable.

Dynamic ads

The more ads on Facebook a company runs, the more it gets a chance to learn about which strategies can generate the best results. However, even if a company has a very niche audience, it doesn’t mean that all of the same copy, creative, as well as placements, aren’t going to be appealing to all of the potential customers. That’s why companies need to optimize their conversion and lead generation ads for the target audience. One of the best ways to do that on Facebook is through the dynamic formats and creative options on the platform. When this option is turned on, the platform will automatically determine the best combination of destination, ad format, descriptions, and creative for every user that’s being targeted so that the company can get the best possible results. To use the dynamic formats and creative option, companies will have to create a campaign with the conversions, lead generation, or sales objectives. Inside the ad level, companies then have to turn on the dynamic formats and creative options, and then add different options for both creative and copy.

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