Marketing RFP Issued By Virginia Department of Labor and Industry (DOLI)


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Project Overview

The Department of Labor and Industry (DOLI) is seeking a professional individual or firm with a

proven track record to assist in the redesign of the existing website for DOLI’s Registered

Apprenticeship Program as well as to assist in the creation and implementation of digital

marketing services that complement the new website, providing cohesive branding across all


About the Department of Labor and Industry

It is the mission of the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry to make Virginia a better

place in which to work, live, and conduct business. The Agency achieves this goal by promoting

safe, healthful workplaces, best employment practices, job training opportunities through

registered apprenticeship, the protection of children from hazardous employment, and safe

operation of boiler and pressure vessels.


DOLI’s Registered Apprenticeship Program seeks a partner with a proven skillset to assist with

this two-fold project:

A. The redesign of the existing Registered Apprenticeship website

Technical and Programmatic Objectives:

 Strengthen online presence with a dynamic website that is complementary to the digital

marketing efforts that are being served.

 Streamline existing information and present in a comprehensive, cohesive manner

 Provide easy-to-navigate information for stakeholders. The agency is open to other

platforms if it provides better functionality and ease of use.

 Site needs to be responsive and should translate well on mobile and tablet as well as

desktop. Approximately 70% of the current users access the site via a mobile device.

 Visually pleasing and compelling look, with enhanced photography, videography and

graphics, fast-loading pages and easy navigation

 Social Media plug-ins, to include but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and

YouTube, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – All web pages should have a unique SEO

target with matching title and unique meta descriptions

 Unique landing pages for digital marketing campaigns

 Include a resource repository that is accessible and downloadable.

 Ability to display and house limited streaming video as well as photo library and weather


Vendor / Partner Considerations:

 Ability to provide continued support and maintenance for the website, including

technology updates, usage reports, SEO, and routine maintenance schedules.

 Willingness to work with agency staff in completing updates/revisions to website

information in a timely manner.

 Ability and willingness to archive superseded web pages as well as new items.

 “Turnkey” project, providing the Agency with full control of the site, with the ability to

easily update content, add new pages and or sections as necessary.

 All templates and web-based accesses will be provided to the Agency to allow the ability

to change/add content as necessary.

 Technical expertise and the ability to provide ongoing support and web optimization

ideas are requested on an as-needed basis.

 The Agency will take full responsibility for the content, general maintenance and

administration of this website upon the completion of this redesign. All content, coding

and graphics will become the sole property of the Department of Labor and Industry’s

Registered Apprenticeship Program.

B. A Digital Marketing Campaign that includes the creation of dynamic, flexible and

informative digital strategy and media to promote the Registered Apprenticeship


 Significantly increase new and continuing usage of the Agency’s digital platform by all

stakeholders with a focused campaign on the summer, beginning in June and continuing

through December and possibly into 2023.

 To promote the Agency as the preeminent resource for the Registered Apprenticeship

Program in Virginia.

 All digital marketing should have a clear “call-to-action” to a landing page on the

redesigned website for ease of track ability.

 Provide ongoing reporting regarding the performance of the campaign in relation to key

performance indicators, at least monthly. Each of these components should enhance

and promote the overall brand image in a cohesive manner.


Each Offeror shall supply the following information:

A. Tell us about you! Submit a brief history and description of you and/or your business.

i. Describe your abilities.

ii. Explain how you will handle the Agency’s account and why you feel you are the

best qualified candidate for this project.

iii. Give descriptions of your experience with accounts or industries similar to the


iv. Identify personnel who will have primary responsibility of the Agency’s account

and provide their qualifications and experience.

B. Project Approach: Tell us your approach/philosophy for providing services to the Agency.

i. Clearly explain all steps involved in performing this two-fold project by providing

a schedule/timeline for each component.

ii. Identify digital marketing tools that will be used to target potential apprentices

and employers/sponsors for this program, including but not limited to social

media platforms.

iii. Identify a digital marketing plan to build upon DOLI’s Registered Apprenticeship

Program brand image, and promote positive awareness to the target audiences.

iv. Identify a data measurement and optimization plan.

C. References

i. Provide at least three (3) client references.

ii. Give descriptions of your experience with accounts or industries similar to the


iii. Share any additional services that you may be able to offer the Agency to

enhance this project.

Budget: The budget for this project is also two-fold. While we are looking for a cohesive

proposal with complementing assets, we would like for the cost proposal to be broken down as

two separate projects: website redesign and digital marketing campaign.

Website: Offerors should provide a pricing schedule for redesigning the website. The Agency’s

procurement will follow VPP and APSPM methodology.

i. Pricing should include all necessary development and work required to fully

implement an operational website. Offerors should assume that completion

date will be on or before Friday, July 8th.

ii. Provide pricing for Time and Expense detailed rates for the requested scope.

Assume that monthly progress billings will be paid by the Agency.

iii. Provide a list of any proposed software or licensing necessary for the rebuild

and future maintenance of this site, including any that would require renewal

fees for continued maintenance and usability.

iv. Proposal should include the necessary training for a minimum of three (3)

Agency personnel on the new website and its operating system. It is anticipated

that this training can be completed within an eight-hour period and shall take

place in the offices of the Department of Labor and Industry, 600 East Main

Street, Richmond, Virginia 23219.

v. Identify rates for providing additional future support as needed.

Digital Marketing Campaign: Offerors should provide a pricing schedule for redesigning the

website. The Agency’s procurement will follow VPP and APSPM methodology.

i. Itemized Schedule: A detailed schedule should be provided showing a pricing

schedule for the initial year of the contract. The schedule should clearly detail

the allocation between digital asset creation, direct ad spend by channel,

strategy development, campaign management and any other fees.


The timetable for completion of this project is Friday, July 8th.

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