Improving SEO Rankings


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Once a company has set up its website and it’s fully functional, many businesses find that t’s not generating enough traffic or engaging the current website visitors. This is a very common issue, as about 90% of most content online doesn’t get organic traffic from Google. The best way to solve it is to conduct a website audit where the company can precisely pinpoint what’s happening and the reasons why website visitors might be leaving the website or abandoning the buying journey.

SEO Audit

The SEO audit is comprehensive website analysis, its ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs), and its potential for improvement. When a company conducts an SEO audit, it’s supposed to look over its website optimization, identify if there are any opportunities to improve that optimization and figure out ways to improve the website’s search ranking. With the help of an SEO audit, companies can also figure out different opportunities that can improve their business websites, such as the loading time, technical SEO issues, improvements to the user experience, or gaps in content. On average, most consumers tend to spend less than a minute visiting a new website, but the assumptions they make about the business they’re looking at through that website happen even faster.


Through an SEO audit, companies can better understand their current SEO strategies and efforts and what potential they might have to improve their SERP rankings. Despite the fact that conducting an SEO audit tends to be a bit time-consuming, it’s a very important process in terms of helping companies improve their visibility in digital spaces and figuring ut which issues need to be addressed or updated. For instance, an SEO audit can help companies figure out any mistakes in the code, structure, or content of the website, and how the website is ranking for select keywords. It can also help businesses stay ahead of their competitors through actionable insights, measure the quality of all the backlinks, URL keyword opportunities, and the text length, as well as the various elements that contribute to optimizing the user experience.


According to some surveys, nearly 50% of business owners see their company’s business website as one of the top ways for generating more business. That means it’s incredibly important for consumers to be able to find a business in the digital space. To ensure that consumers can do that, companies have to conduct regular SEO audits. While the perfect time for an audit can be different for various companies, there are some universal signs that companies should be keeping track of to know when it’s time to do one. Those signs include an increased bounce rate, a decrease in organic traffic and conversions, inefficient keyword ranking strategies, and a decline in customer satisfaction. Companies should also be conducting an SEO audit whenever they decide to overhaul or redesign their websites or migrate their websites to a different service. This strategy helps companies figure out any potential SEO challenges early on so that they can then take appropriate action.

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