Email Marketing Platforms for Small Businesses


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According to reports, most email users tend to check their email inbox folders every day. That means email users are a higher intent traffic group compared to any other marketing channel that companies can use to reach their target audiences. When a member of the target audience signs up to a company’s email list, they’re also giving that business permission to receive promotional materials, which means the company can send the marketing messages for as long as possible, until they decide to unsubscribe. Furthermore, over 80% of small annual businesses tend to generate great results when they’re using email to acquire and nurture customers, which gives them a competitive advantage. However, to truly be successful in email marketing, it’s important to choose the right email marketing platform.


In the past, MailChimp was only used as an email newsletter tool, but these days it comes with a CRM platform and gives companies the opportunity to create landing pages, capture forms for email, and more. However, the platform has certain limitations, such as the number of lists that companies can create, and how accurately they can split their audience into segments. That means companies first need to get a great understanding of their ideal customers, and the main audience segments to accurately segment the audience. Additionally, MailChimp has hundreds of different integrations that companies can use, along with behavioral targeting, automation tools, and even appointment booking that customers can utilize.


Omnisend is one of the more popular marketing platforms that cater to smaller e-commerce companies because it provides multi-channel marketing opportunities. That means the platform helps companies put everything in one place including email, social media, and SMS marketing efforts. The e-commerce industry places a big importance on email marketing efforts because through email companies can generate about $42 in return for every dollar they invest. With the help of this platform, e-commerce businesses can easily create their email newsletters using a number of different templates, as well as the editing tools available to them. That makes Omnisend a great choice for newer businesses that aren’t too familiar with the ins and outs of email marketing.

This platform is also a great choice to increase conversions by providing subscribers with discount codes, or various informational pieces of content. There are also workflows that are designed to help companies copy some of the most successful email marketing strategies, along with pop-ups for lead generation efforts that can increase the return on investment. Furthermore, the analytics dashboard of the platform helps companies identify other marketing opportunities or fix the mistakes that they have made in previous campaigns.

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