Dealing with Positive Customer Reviews


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One of the key elements of successful companies is managing customer reviews in the digital era. With the help of feedback, companies can develop an improved sales funnel and buying journey, and that’s true for both positive and negative reviews.

Review strategy

Companies need to combine any review tools that they have with the analytics that they generate from a variety of sources to become industry leaders and grow. Despite the fact that most companies know which strategies work well for generating feedback from customers, not every single business is sure about the best way to respond to that feedback once they have received it. With the help of a great review strategy, companies can develop a more trusting relationship with their customers and generate honest feedback from them.


Plenty of companies simply assume that all of the positive feedback that they receive is useless because they can’t actually do anything with it. However, that’s not quite true, especially when positive feedback from customers happens in digital spaces. Any online reviews a company gets are available for the rest of the world to see as well. That means, if a person sees that a past customer of a company had a great experience doing business with that company, that business is going to immediately improve its reputation. In fact, one of the biggest deciding factors, when potential customers make purchasing decisions, is the experiences and opinions that past customers have shared about a company and its solutions, even if those potential customers don’t personally know the past customers of that company. That means that if about 80% of a company’s potential customers trust digital reviews as much as they trust the recommendations they get from their social circles, they are incredibly beneficial to companies as well.

Generating positive reviews from customers allows companies to appear a lot more authentic to the target audience, meaning that the company stands for every single statement it makes to the public. Furthermore, any digital reviews a company gets can also be utilized over a long period of time, because an exceptionally great review can also be used when companies want to create affiliate marketing efforts. That’s because a very positive review from a past customer can be shown to other potential customers in the form of an ad or even a social media post from the business. Additionally, companies need to have an incentive to generate positive reviews from customers. However, it’s important for companies to not just take any positive feedback they receive for granted, without giving anything back to the customers.


Companies need to respond to positive reviews they receive from past customers, and the best way to start is with a simple statement of gratitude. This way, the company gets to appear friendly and active with the other potential customers, and it will show that the business cares about the experiences of its customers. Companies can also refer to the specific experience of that customer to take a more personalized approach in their responses, develop a bigger conversation about the business or its solutions, and include a call to action in the response.

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