Building a Successful Business: 5 Foundational Metrics [VIDEO]


Our very own Cydney D’Costa shares knowledge we’ve gathered from years of experience and countless hours serving clients. Prove to your clients their money and business are in good hands and that you’re invested in their success by sharing these foundational metrics with them: 

  1. Traffic
  2. Engagement
  3. Subscribers
  4. Customers
  5. Customer Lifetime Value

Learn the right data to collect and how to interpret it to help clients see what’s going on and why your services are so valuable. 

In this video:

  • Engagement Metrics to Keep a Close Eye On: 1:30 – 1:41
  • The Most Common Mistake People Make on Social Media 1:53 – 2:05
  • How to WOW Agency Clients & Stand Out From the Crowd 2:56 – 3:15 
  • The Magic Zone for Marketers and Businesses 4:25 – 4:31

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