7 Tips To Win Big On Social Media – From The Office Of Kris Krohn

7 Tips To Win Big On Social Media - From The Office Of Kris Krohn

Today’s market looks much different than it did ten years ago. Ten years ago, paid ads were THE THING. People often took some interest in ads. People responded to ads, and people believed what was being presented to them.

Now, the marketplace is oversaturated, and most ads are undesired, annoying, and consist of content people don’t care about.

You can spend thousands of dollars on ads and make very little in return or lose money in the process. Typically, it’s just not profitable like it used to be.

So what’s a great alternative?

Organic marketing of course.

But we don’t just love organic because it’s free; we love it because it’s where the highest quality traffic can be found.

Organic traffic consists of people who willingly choose to engage and care about what you’re presenting. The people that stick around do so because they love the content, the offers, and the business. Ongoing organic traffic breeds raving fans who stick with you and truly benefit from what you offer.

So how do we make the most of this opportunity?

Just because billions of people are on social media and the organic traffic is out there, it doesn’t mean they automatically flock to you.

Today we’re sharing 7 tips to help you win big on social media!

(Ps. If you aren’t already implementing these into your social media strategy, you’re going to want to start today!!)

Tip #1 – Know YOUR Market

Nothing is worse than creating a bunch of content that no one cares about. Ya, that’s got to be the worst thing ever…That’s why tip #1 is the most important.

Before you start planning the types of content you’ll create, or what you’ll talk about, you must know WHO you’re talking to. You should know what’s going on in their mind. If you’ve been in business for any amount of time, then you know it’s about who your target audience is.

When you start producing content on social media it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking you know who your audience is, but not producing the types of content they want to see. You should know what they’re thinking and feeling on the deepest levels, but also research what they’re watching and consuming on social media currently.

Do your research before you start and understand the topics your audience will love to engage with.

Tip # 2 – Have a Solid Strategy

Winning on social media is about choosing the right strategy and implementing it all the way.

First, research and decide where your audience hangs out.

Is it LinkedIn, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, or Tiktok?

Choose the platform or multiple platforms where your audience lives and take the time to learn about the winning strategies for that specific platform. Each platform has its own rules and algorithms. If you’re overwhelmed, just start with one, and then repurpose your content later to the other platforms as you learn them.

Tip #3 – Create Value FIRST

This is all about what OTHERS find valuable (not what you think is valuable). Always ask yourself – Am I creating content my audience wants? As you develop content and test the market, pay attention to what gets the most views, comments, likes, shares etc… You’ll discover the topics that are most popular. Go make more of the good stuff. You’ll see your number of followers continue to rise!

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Tip #4 – Engage with Your Audience

Delivering value is key to growing and keeping your audience around.

A fun way to engage with your audience is to create a contest that prompts them to take action and offers the chance at a big reward in return.

Think of your best product or service and give it away for free to 1 lucky winner that (insert what you want them to do here).

Giveaways and interacting with your audience is important to build a relationship with them. Always give without expecting.

Tip #5 – Don’t Always Promote Your Stuff

Do you like it when someone is trying to continually sell you on STUFF? Maybe it’s your neighbor selling tupperware down the street, or your friend on facebook that’s always posting about their promotions.

Now, of course we love to sell too, but not until we’ve given away massive value for free (first!!)

Strive for every piece of content to offer insane value and save your pitch for the end. It’s usually well received that way.

Tip #6 – Collaborate with Other Influencers

If you want powerful acceleration in growing your following, leverage the relationships you have or can cultivate.

Other influencers are serving similar audiences to yours, and together you can work to grow your influence by leveraging each others.

Always be committed to providing value and bringing all that you can to the table so you hold up your end of being a valuable partner.

Tip #7 – Make it Easy for Others to Buy Your Crap

As in “crap” we mean, your AMAZING products and services!!

Package what it is you sell and create an offer your audience won’t want to refuse.

Think of 10Xing the value in every way you can. When you overdeliver, people want to pay.

Then make it easy for them. Ensure you have a website or funnel set up where they can give you money, and you can easily deliver on your end.

In conclusion…

If you’re a business owner, an influencer, CEO, speaker, or anyone else who wants to leverage social media to further your mission, these tips are the key to making it work!

As you create and share content, you’ll be serving your audience, and as you serve and follow the steps we’ve laid out, you’ll build your own wealth in the process.

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